The Desire Date


meg & jacob

A sexy date night experience for couples ready to re-ignite passion & deepen intimacy.

You're here because you desire deeper intimacy & more expanded sexual experiences with your partner.

Yes. Go you!

We created this sexy Date Night to support you to...

1) Understand your own desires

2) Be witnessed by your partner

3) Build deeper intimacy & communication

This is for the couple's who...

➳ ​Feel more like room mates than lovers & desire to re-ignite the spark

➳ Are wanting to expand their sex life

➳ Are feeling a sense of monotony in their relationship

➳ Are ready to be seen & witnessed more deeply by their partner

➳ Desire to lean into their edges & experience something a little different together

➳ Want to prioritise sex & intimacy more in their relationship

Want to create a safe and judgment-free space to explore their sexual boundaries together

How does it work?

This is a facilitated date night experience that you get to do in the comfort of your own home.

You'll be guided through intimacy practices to open your heart & more deeply understand the desires you & your partner hold in & outside of the bedroom.

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Meet your facilitators

Meet Meg & Jacob. Husband & wife. Experts in relationships. The first on ANY dance floor. And co-hosts of the “Sex, Love & Everything in between" podcast.

If you saw these two out in public you’d probably see Jacob grabbing Meg’s ass & Meg enthusiastically jumping all over him. Their love is truly palpable.

Their journey together started at an organic supermarket, with Jacob working in the fruit and veg section and Meg being a regular, very interested customer. Despite Meg's annoyance, it took them nine whole months to finally go on their first date.

Fast forward eight years, and their love is burning stronger than ever. They officially tied the knot in the most epic Festival of Love ever last October.

As co-hosts of the top-charting podcast "Sex, Love & Everything in Between," Meg and Jacob give their people a real, raw, and unfiltered behind-the-scenes look into their relationship. They are devoted to supporting men & women to truly experience HOT F*CKING LOVE.

Together, Meg and Jacob combine their expertise to create a powerful and transformative approach to relationships and sex. They draw from their own experiences, their years of learning and practice, and their unwavering commitment to personal growth and evolution. They walk their talk and embody the principles they teach, making them a dynamic and trustworthy duo to guide others on their own journey of sexual and relational exploration.

When you enter Meg & Jacob’s world - you better be ready to expand into your fullest expression of love, sex & intimacy. It’s kinda hard NOT to when you’re learning from these two.

The Investment

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(Over $200 worth of value!)

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